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Only the uneducated will attack the person presenting an argument, instead of the argument itself.

Life is enjoyed as much in the remembering as in the moment.

Let me get this right. You are attacking someone who gives you free stuff, about how they pay for the free stuff they give you? Reasonable or ridiculous? 

Making yourself feel bigger by making someone else feel smaller takes so little skill that 12-year-olds can do it.

Every life is a story. It has a beginning, middle and end. If we know the beginning, and we know the end, shouldn’t we make sure the middle is spectacular? “

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Every evening when I get home, I cannot wait to have a peak on youtube for your
latest episodes. You speak truthfully from the heart and your opinions cannot
be manipulated with money. My wife and I have learned so much life lessons from
you, especially how to live life to the fullest, even during the toughest of
times. You are a great inspiration to us.


Oostenwald Kotze (YouTube)

This guy should present Top Gear.

Mark grigg 

You put National Geographic to shame mate!!!


Fantastic stories Andrew, You could Travel the world and have your own Live Tour, “An Evening with Andrew St Pierre White…
Featuring “Intimate Stories from the Bush” Coming to a theatre near you, Lol.
I’m sure myself and many of your followers would pay
💰 good money to watch that show. Anyway enough of that thanks for laughs,
the baboons had me in tears of laughter. Cheers!

Wesley McGonagle 


I once said you’re “one” of the best storytellers and photographers on
YouTube. I was mistaken, you are the best! wyattoneable 

Favourite Quotes

We do not remember days, we remember moments. Cesare Pavese

Life is what happens while we are making other plans. John Lennon.

The greatest use of a life is to spend it on something that will outlast it. William James.