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November 2019. 4xOverland. News.

Hello to everyone in the 4xOverland family. November 2019.

Channel commentary.

Our content larder has never been this full.

As a result of the series shot in Cape Town with Paul Marsh and Joubert Snyman rebuilding the Land Cruiser 105, and the upcoming events, our stock of content is bulging, and growing daily.

The South Africa series is a huge success, by any measure, even if one looks at the amount spent on the Land Cruiser. Having purchased the truck blind, it was a risk and I knew it. What this purchase bought me was more story content than I could have dreamt possible. If my goal was to buy and build a workable touring 4WD, and create content while doing it, then I can’t imagine a more fruitful outcome. I managed 16 completed videos from the trip. I had hope for six. And I have a really good truck, now permanently based in Africa. My first big trip in it is scheduled for June 2020, when I will be heading to Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania.

At this time 10 of the videos have been released, and after a short break, I will resume releasing the series, which includes the brake and fuel systems, final prep, a meet and greet, and the 1600 km test run, during which I filmed a Story-Time show as I rode a very familiar road up to Pretoria. After which I fitted some delicious camping kit and a conclusion which includes a cost summary.

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Crying in my cornflakes. The Troopy is gone.

A very difficult transaction took place last weekend as I said goodbye to my Troopy. I really loved that truck, but its business, and so off it must go to make way for the next one.

Australia’s Dream Tourer project

Replacing the Troopy is going to be a tough call. What I am calling a Dream Tourer is chasing that always illusive combination of outstanding off-road performance, as well as excellent levels of comfort when camping. It’s almost always a trade one for the other. I think I have found a recipe, that is in some ways, ground-breaking. A new videos about this challenge and the reason why I chose the vehicle I chose, is coming soon. I take delivery late November and the build begins without delay.

Warning, spoiler alert! More about this build can be found here:

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A last trip for 2019

Gwynn and I are off to UAE for a shoot early December. Again, like all our trips there, the vehicle is going to be a surprise for me for when I arrive. Also, I am the first journalist in the world (!) to be shown a new 4WD museum being created in that country. And I’ll be presenting the world’s first report on it, as I’ve been invited for a personal audience with its creator, Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan. That’s very exciting, and concludes our 2019 expedition schedule.

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Hope to see you on a track one day.