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Part-1. Get me out of Cape Town!

Part-1. Get me out of Cape Town!


How easy is it to rent a 4×4 and have an amazing trip in Southern Africa? I find out, report back on the options, and have an amazing trip!
In this episode, I find myself in Cape Town with all my camera gear confiscated by customs at the airport, who demand a huge pile of cash to release them. So I bring in an import agency to solve the problem while I go and assist where I can with the vehicle prep. The truck is a Toyota Land Cruiser 79-series dual-cab, loaned to us by Safari Drive, a UK-based safari company that tailors self-drive trips in Africa. My travelling companion is Paul Marsh. During this series of videos we not only will be help you to make the same trip, but share advice on how to make it one of the most exciting trips of your life. The episodes concludes at Drotski’s Caves, Western Botswana.

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