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HOW TO DRIVE A 4X4 off-road.

HOW TO DRIVE A 4X4 off-road.


Full length 4WD driving video from the world’s most popular DVD, 4X4 DRIVING SKILLS, first published in 1998, and revised in 2008. This is the first of Andrew St Pierre White’s 4×4 skills videos, with over 60 000 VHS tapes and DVDs sold worldwide. In this series are 4×4 RECOVERY and 4X4 OVERLAND and 4×4 ACCESSORIES. • Basics • Skid control • Gear selection • Tyre pressures • Corrugations • Steep slopes • Reverse stall • Axle twisters • Traction control & diff locks • Side slopes • Mud • Sand tracks, dunes and beaches • Auto transmissions • Wading • Riverbeds • Trailers • Salt pans • Many vehicle types . From 4xOverland. This one is SD.

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