Interior AU

Arm rests, steering wheels, switch panels, head units and more.

Interior comforts and enhancements

There are all products that I use when building and touring with my 4wd.

PVS Steering Wheel

Steering Wheel with Back Cover Steering Controls with Wireless Steering Control Module PVS Horn Pad using your original Airbag Inflator Click to buy

ARm Rests

By One Stone Click to buy.

9 inch Multimedia Headunit

MK2.5 to suit Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series VDJ76 VDJ78 VDJ79.

Apple iPad Mini

New iPad Mini is a brilliant navigator for inside the cab. Just the right size. I use Ram mounts at attach it to the dash.

PVS Switch panel

Replacement Switch Panel to suit Toyota LandCruiser LC70 Series Click here to buy.

USB connector

Fits standard Landcruiser/Hilux switch space Click to buy.

Recaro Expert M

Recaro LTW.00.000.LL11 Expert M Seat -Driver/Passenger Side. Link is to purchase from Amazon. Australian buyers can buy from Click to buy from Amazon.

Ram Mounts

Ram Mounts are an excellent way of setting up navigators, cameras and lights in and out of the cab. There are many components available and the link is to the connecting arm.