October 2017

John. Via Patreon.

Dear Andrew – been watching car reviews for about 20 years seemingly so I’m pained to only have discovered you today. From topgear, to fithgear, carwow, autocar, german autobild or dutch autoblog I’ve never been as captivated by the honesty, know how, attention to what truly matters, and cutting through the commercial bs like I’ve seen with your videos (in your sector obv). An absolutely thrilling and informative watch even for us not based in Aus :). So a sincere thank you for what you do. I am about to order (have reserved) a Gren in the UK as we do a lot of shooting/ offroad driving and it ticks a lot of the boxes you have mentioned in previous videos that Land Rover/Merc/VW group choose not to serve anymore and potentially those that do.. Toyota/Jeep/Isuzu just dont appeal from an optics, brand or quality perspective.. having said all of that we Brits also have a gloriously infamous track record in car manufacturing so I cannot wait to see how the Gren turns out to be.. I truly hope you get your hands on one soon and do this long term, hard test you’ve been wanting to do for a while now. Thank you again and all the very best from the currently sunny UK Cotswolds. John