My Creative Family


My wife Gwynn

My wife Gwynn is a New York Times, USA Today and WSJ bestselling author of fantasy novels.
Gwynn's website is HERE
Gwynn's Instagram is HERE

A wedding video unlike any you've ever seen . . 

My eldest,


This is my eldest daughter, Stephanie.


Stef makes life fun! She has a keen sense of humor, especially for practical jokes. Trouble is, she can dish them but she can't take them. That makes for even more fun when we get her back.


She's also horse-mad. Having almost lost her in a horse-related accident, I'm keenly aware of how much sweeter life is with her around. 


When Stef's not joking around or riding horses, she's a top Branding Photographer in Perth. You can check our her work HERE.


The middle,


My middle daughter Erin is a fantasy author, co-writing with her mother. These titles have reached new York Times bestseller list too!
Erin's website HERE
Erin's Instagram is HERE

She is also an outstanding wedding and events photographer

My youngest,


Every family needs a Kate!

Kate inherited her parents' adventurous spirit. She and Cam, her husband, have huge dreams of buying a yacht and sailing around the world. 


When she's not scrubbing decks, she's a Social Media Brand Manager.


Kate also finds time to manage my social media. You can check her work out HERE.