Africa Overlander 2023 and on

The Plan

I order a Troopcarrier in South Africa early 2023

Between June and July 2023 we will build the best two-person light overlander for Africa expeditions.

The final result ready to take on Africa at its wildest.

YouTube Viewer Numbers from our last Africa build in 2019:

From Sept 2019 to Sept 2023 our 2019 Africa build series over 16 episodes received 1,7 million YouTube views averaging 110 000 views per episode.


The South African 4WD accessory and overlander build industry is second only to Australia in size and scope.
We will be sticking to South African brands where practical.
July 2023 onward

A Very Big Goal

Africa has some unique challenges when it comes to overlanding. These are my goals:

  • Heavy duty four-wheel drive chassis and drivetrain, with excellent off road performance.
  • A range of no less than 1200 kms built into it.
  • A camping set-up that was easy and fast. And by fast, I mean under 2 minutes for the tent up, table out, cooker warming or beer in hand. 
  • Sufficient load-carrying ability to enable isolated trips of up to 22 days without supplies.
  • Security measures
  • Quick pack-away, and easily achieved inside 15 minutes.

Invitation to Product suppliers

  • Built in Western Cape province, South Africa.
  • Who will build and design the interior fit-out.
  • EGON supplied a DC-Hub, a single unit through which all 12V accessories and chargers are connected. 
  • EGON supplied a Water-Hub through which all water inlets and outlets are plumbed. 
  • Falken tyres 265/75R16 MT.
  • Tyre services by ?
  • Terrain Tamer supplies the springs and shocks.
  • Terrain Tamer supplies the diesel filter upgrade, catch-can and diff breathers. 
  • ARB twin compressor.
  • ROH supplied Vapor 16″ alloy wheel rims.
  • Roof camper conversion by Alu-Innovations, South Africa
  • 12V Aqua Mk2 6L water heater.
  • Gull-wings supplied by Explore Glazing, Holland.
  • 270° Awning and En-Suite privacy curtain by QuickPitch.
  • Seat covers and carpet mats by Takla, South Africa.
  • Water tank built by . . 
  • Spot-lights are Hella Roklume 380.
  • Dashboard switch panel is from PVS Automotive.
  • Interior lights by Lumeno

More . .

  • Sun visor is a Toyota part
  • Arm rests by One-Stone.
  • I have two SnoMaster fridges. One is a 12L centre console fridge and a 55L Expedition dual-compartment in the back.
  • Redarc 50A DC-DC chargers and 350W inverter.
  • Monitor by Victron.
  • Batteries are 2x100A/hr Amptron LifePO4.
  • Solar blankets by Redarc

The First Run

March 2022 at last our new hero Troopy is ready to be tested off-road. But the initial drive was spent acting as a support vehicle for the 45-tear old Range Rover, also being taken for an off-road test in the dunes.