The Story

I order a new Troopcarrier V8 in December, and it finally arrived mid July.

Between June 2021 and May 2022 I built a version of what I regard as the best two-person light overlander in the world.

The epic scene in the show were I must take it out for the first time in support of the Range Rover.

YouTube Viewer Numbers

The 27 videos released June 2021 to March 2022 attracted 1,77 million views, averaging 66,7K views each video. These videos focussed on the build and from April to November 2022 most videos will focus on expeditions and trips when phase-2 will begin as we ‘Make Perfect What’s Perfect’. Click the YouTube logo to watch the YouTube playlist:


A step guide to how I build an overlander, with all the decisions revealed in this long running series
July 2021 – May 2022.

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A Very Big Claim

I wanted to build what I consider to be the perfect two-person long distance off-grid and off-road exploration vehicle. These were my goals:

Components and suppliers

More . .

The First Run

March 2022 at last our new hero Troopy is ready to be tested off-road. But the initial drive was spent acting as a support vehicle for the 45-tear old Range Rover, also being taken for an off-road test in the dunes.  

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The Big Expedition

June 2022. The Troopy successfully escorted the Range Rover on the 1685 kms Canning Stock Route.

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Phase-2. Perfecting what’s perfect . . .

From November 2022 and the next phase:

Brakes upgrade.
Terrain Tamer brake rotors, fortified brake pads, replacement brake booster.

Upgraded raised air intake.
Torqit stainless snorkel and air-box is being investigated. 

Engine performance enhancement.
Torqit Module-Map, Throttle Controller, snorkel, airbox and exhaust is being proposed. 

Heavy Duty Clutch
Any engine performance increase requires upgrading the clutch too, so I fitted a Terrain Tamer fortified clutch.

Upgrade of the alternator.
This one is proving to be more of a challenge. News to follow.

Driving lighting
Improving the driving light patterns with the addition of a light bar.

Camp Lighting
A rear flood lamp by Laser and some enhancement to general camp lighting.