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What does fire depend upon in order to thrive? Oxygen.

And the quickest way to, firstly, burn the bottom of your food, and secondly, turn the heat right down quickly thereafter, is by smothering the hot coals with the solid base of a pot or pan.

The heat of a fire is especially hard to control for outdoor cooking. Unlike in your kitchen at home, you can’t exactly turn the heat of an outdoor campfire down to a “simmer” or a “slow boil”. It’s either on hot or on HELL!

That’s where our Fire Trivet comes in VERY handy. Using the extreme strength and durability of 304 Stainless Steel, this wok burner-style Fire Trivet sets your dishes, pots, woks and pans above the hot coals – not directly on top – allowing good airflow underneath and even distribution of heat for an evenly cooked meal.

With 3 fold-out legs to help keep it steady on uneven surfaces, the trivet stands at 120mm high when standing up and folds almost flat when it’s back inside its handy canvas bag.

Trust us, this Fire Trivet takes a lot of the stress and challenge out of cooking with fire…. almost as though you’ll be cooking with gas!


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