Andrew receives all kinds of requests every day. Many are detailed questions about obscure subjects, and others are simply to send good wishes. If you're about to ask something of Andrew, start by showing your support in some way, for example, become a Patreon supporter. Andrew would love to respond to every message, but that is impossible given the volume of email requests he receives. So show your support before asking for his. It makes ALL the difference.

Can I go on one of Andrew’s trips?

How do I get invited to go on one of Andrew’s trips?

Andrew does not run, and has no intention of running, tag-along tours. He will consider acting as a private guide in either Western Australia or Southern Africa. However, despite many requests, that's also yet to happen because it’s not part of Andrew’s business. 

If I am a Patreon supporter, can I ask him questions and expect them to be answered?

Very much, yes! But you must use the Patreon message board. It’s the only easy way for us to know you’re an active Patreon.

As a rule, it’s a long shot. Andrew takes close friends on his trips and rarely considers strangers who ask.


Q: I'm an influencer. Can I invite Andrew on one of my trips or visa versa?

It’s worth asking. One of the challenges with joint trips is that when Andrew creates an expedition, it’s primarily Andrew’s trip. He must be in charge for him to know that his work can be completed successfully. A trip is not a holiday for Andrew. He works tirelessly to get the content. If he goes on someone else’s trip, then their tasks and goals must take priority. It’s only fair that it does. Andrew knows that one cannot have two directors and two different films being made on one film shoot.

What’s the best way to support and enjoy Andrew’s work?

Does Andrew respond to Facebook or Instagram posts or messages?

Andrew left Facebook in 2019. Andrew may see your post or comment on Instagram. But don't count on a reply if you send one.

You can support Andrew through Patreon, yearly subscriptions, donations, purchasing merch or his fine prints. If these aren't possible, then you can always subscribe to his content.  


Andrew reads messages on his LinkedIn page. It's a good way of reaching him. But if it's a general comment or question, it may be ignored. LinkedIn is for business contacts and not for general chat.

I don’t mind paying a consultant fee. Can I then get to ask him questions?

Yes. Andrew will consult with you over Zoom for a A$250,00 p/h fee. Most common subjects include:

• Vehicle builds

• Expedition travel in Southern Africa.

• The global 4WD industry

Can I ask Andrew advice about my 4WD or trip?

You are free to, but you won’t get a reply. While he doesn’t want to appear standoffish, if he spent his time answering just half of those requests, he would be overwhelmed. So I suggest you don’t ask. Sorry. But he does respond to Patreon’s questions.