December 2022.

Star of the popular web series, Friends Cross the Canning, our Range Rover is up for sale to make way for a overlander build in South Africa.

Price: A$66 200 (US$44 300) including 10% GST. Being 47-years-old, this vehicle can be imported into the USA and a conversion to left-hand steering being moderately straightforward.

This is now available in Western Australia.

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Star of the popular web series, Friends Cross the Canning, our Range Rover is up for sale. Registered and running regularly in WA, this is an original as you can get 1975 UK-built Range Rover Suffix-D 3,5 V8 2-door Classic, and ideal for a full restoration project with a major mechanical rebuild completed to a very high standard. About 6000 kms since overhauls. Odo reads 78 000 but its probably closer to 278 000. 

Engine rebuild, newly-rebuilt Perentie LT95 gearbox with higher ratio transfer box, upgraded ignition, new alternator, new cutch, rebuilt clutch master and slave cylinders, rebuilt brake master cylinder, new engine and gearbox mounts, new OME springs and shocks, new front brake rotors, all brake and cooling hoses replaced. Mechanically there is almost nothing more to do. Runs smoothly and cool with no rattles and handles very well. 

This car drove from Melbourne to Perth in 2021, and then completed the Canning Stock Route in 2022 with no mechanical issues to speak of and hardly used any oil. Starts first time, every time, 14L/100Kms on the long run.

Interior refurbishment has started.

Work done:

  • Light and Indicator switches replaced.
  • Gearbox replaced with newly rebuilt Perentie LT95
  • Brake upgrade including slave and master cyl replaced
  • Front brake rotors replaced.
  • Springs, shocks and all suspension bushes replaced.
  • Propshafts balanced and universals serviced.
  • Engine rebuild done just before I took ownership in 2020
  • Steering adjusted and pulled-up.
  • Fuel pipes replaced
  • Cooling pipes replaced
  • Heater pipes replaced
  • Alternator replaced
  • Wheel alignment and balance
  • Fuel pump replaced
  • Engine and gearbox mounts replaced
  • 225/70R16 all-terrain tyres with about 3000 kms on them (5)

New spare parts included: 

  • Radiator,
  • water pump,
  • fuel pump,
  • brake lines (4)
  • Ignition coil (2)
  • Distributor cap (2)
  • carb rebuild kits (2)
  • Full-length fibre-glass brushed-nylon finished roof lining 
  • Drag link
  • Headlight upgrade (Hella)
  • Upper tailgate upper and lower seals
  • Bottom tailgate lower and side seals
  • Set of new inertial seat belts
  • Boxes of wheel bearings, calliper rebuild kits, steering universals, 
  • A complete tie-rod
  • Window winder mechanisms left and right
  • Boxes of bearings, cables, pipes, belts, mounts, bushes, and many other parts.


Used spares included:

  • Set of Range Rover Vogue black alloy wheel rims (6)
  • Complete upper dashboard (not new but in excellent condition)
  • Roof load bars (2)
  • Speedo gearbox 


The body is complete and in fair shape, the paintwork is scratched in places but with very nice patina and no significant denting. Electrics all work excepting the rear window de-mister. The interior is partially refurbished. It has good carpets and the driving seat and back seat have been refurbished.

What doesn’t work: Rear window de-mister, speedo, oil pressure gauge (needs new sender), clock. What needs changing before driving it to the moon and back? Probably just the speedo. Dash top is in bad shape through sun damage but a used one in good condition as a replacement is included.

Not only does it run really well, has very little rust and the drivetrain and engine are excellent. Some very difficult to find spares (like the dash top) are part of this deal. The few places where the rust was serious (rear body mounts) have been professionally repaired (pics available).

We are selling because this car was a hero in a web video series and is being sold to finance new channel projects.

Price is negotiable, and as we have another vehicle to fund, any close offers will be successful.

Based near Perth, WA. No tyre kickers please. This is not an invitation for fans of the show to come and ‘test’ drive it.

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Price: A$66 200 (US$44 300) including 10% GST. It is owned by a PTY LTD company.