In August 2023 the first auto transmission Troopcarrier was announced by Toyota. In one step it laid rest the rumours of the end of Land Cruiser 70-series production and instead installed a new excitement in the hearts of Land Cruiser fans all over the world. This series is a salute to the Land Cruiser name. And in doing so, I openly admit to being an unashamed fanboy of the 70.

From 2024 onward we are building an all-Australian showcase Land Cruiser 2.8 4-cyl auto Troopy.

Accessories and links

Bull Bar: Off Road Animal
Wheels Rims: ROH 
Tyres: Falken 285/75R15
Roof tent conversion: Headspace Campers

Diary of the build

aussie flag

August 2023. I ordered the Troopy the week that it was announced.

My new 2.8 Troopy is due November 22 2023. Make sure you follow the build on YouTube PLAYLIST

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