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In August 2023 the first auto transmission 70-Series was announced by Toyota. In one step it laid rest the rumours of the end of 70-series production and instead installed new excitement in the hearts of Land Cruiser fans all over the world. 

This is my 4th Land Cruiser build in Australia since I arrived in 2016. In my way I want to thank the Australian 4wd community for welcoming me they way they have. This build is an Aussie product showcase.

From Jan 2024 we are building an all-Australian showcase Land Cruiser 4-cyl auto Troopy.

Accessories and links

There are a lot of changes with this model, and that means the development of kit to fit will take some time.

Diary of the build

  • August 2023. I ordered the Troopy the week that it was announced.
  • December 4, spotted at the dealer, but it’s not ready for delivery yet.
  • December 20. Collected from Grand Toyota Wangara and weighed. 
  • January. First impressions video released.
  • February. Build begins. 
  • March. Camper roof conversion and glass gull wings fitted. Electrical installation into pre-fab interior started.
  • April – May. There will be limited progress because I am completing my AFRICA build.

My new 2.8 Troopy is due November 22 2023. Make sure you follow the build on YouTube PLAYLIST