Ultimate Aussie 2-Person Overlander. 2021 -2023

In the Beginning . . .

I order a new Troopcarrier V8 in December, and it finally arrived mid July.

Between June 2021 and May 2022 I built a version of what I regard as the best two-person light overlander in the world.

The epic scene in the show were I must take it out for the first time in support of the Range Rover.

Viewer Numbers

This build and the expeditions that followed span 52 YouTube videos released from June 2021 to November 2023 when the series concluded.

It attracted 3,4 million views, averaging 65,4K views each video. Instagram reels featuring this Troopy gained over a 6 million plays.

In addition, the 13 episodes when the Troopy supported the Range Rover on the Canning Stock Route in June 2022, attracted approx 700K views and VOD 2K downloads in just three months.

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step by step

June 2021- December 2023

A Challenging Goal

I wanted to build what I consider to be the perfect two-person long distance off-grid and off-road exploration vehicle. These were my goals:

  • Heavy duty four-wheel drive chassis and drivetrain, with excellent off road performance.
  • A range of no less than 1200 kms built into it.
  • A camping set-up that was easy and fast. And by fast, I mean under 2 minutes for the tent up, table out, cooker warming or beer in hand. 
  • Sufficient load-carrying ability to enable isolated trips of up to 14 days without supplies.
  • A measure of live-in, needed in the case of foul weather.
  • Quick pack-away, and easily achieved inside 15 minutes.
  • Why these are important to me is shared in the videos.

Amazing Support

    • We’ve had amazing support from accessory makers here is Australia. The list below provides links to their products:

    • Custom Overland Solutions designed and built the interior fit-out.

    • EGON supplied a DC-Hub, a single unit through which all 12V accessories and chargers are connected.

    • EGON supplied a Water-Hub through which all water inlets and outlets are plumbed.

    • Terrain Tamer supplied the parabolic rear springs and progressive front coils.

    • ARB twin compressor.

    • Wheel arch flares by ARB.

    • ROH supplied Vapor 16″ alloy wheel rims.

    • Off-Road Animal supplied the bull bar, steering protector plate and front recovery points.

    • Runva supplied the 12000 lb winch with synthetic rope.

    • PVS Automotive supplied the head-light upgrade, LC200 steering wheel and 9″ entertainment head unit.

    • 270° Awning and En-Suite privacy curtain by QuickPitch.

    • Seats by Recaro. Model is EXPERT-M.

    • Seat covers and carpet mats by Takla, South Africa.

    • Side steps are a home conversion from LC 79 OE steps, coated with Line-X coating.

    • Sun visor and grille are both Toyota parts, and I did apply grey wrap to the lettering

Kit And Links

    • I have two SnoMaster fridges. One is a 12L centre console fridge and a 66L Expedition dual-compartment in the back.

    • The 40-series Landcruiser badges on the sides are OE Toyota and I found them on Ebay.

    • 2x30A DC-DC chargers and 3000W inverter and Cerbo GX by Victron.

    • Batteries are 2x compact 200A/hr Amptron LifePO4.

The First Run

March 2022 at last our new hero Troopy is ready to be tested off-road. But the initial drive was spent acting as a support vehicle for the 45-tear old Range Rover, also being taken for an off-road test in the dunes.  

Performance upgrades. From October 2022

Phase-2. Perfecting what’s perfect . . .

Brakes upgrade.
Terrain Tamer brake rotors, fortified brake pads, replacement brake booster.

Upgraded raised air intake.
Torqit stainless snorkel and air-box.

Engine performance enhancement.
Torqit Module-Map, Throttle Controller.

Heavy Duty Clutch
Any engine performance increase requires upgrading the clutch too, so I fitted a Terrain Tamer fortified clutch.

Upgrade of the alternator.
This one is proving to be more of a challenge. News to follow.

Camp Lighting
A rear flood lamp by Laser and some enhancement to general camp lighting. From Perth Pro.


In no particular order, these are my 5 favourite items fitted

  • Gull-wings by Explore Glazing, Holland. Quality unmatched.
  • EGON Water-Hub through which all water inlets and outlets are plumbed. Instant hot shower.
  • PVS Automotive LC200 steering wheel. Just love it.
  • Terrain Tamer brake rotors, fortified brake pads, replacement brake booster. This thing stops on a dime.
  • Off-Road Animal bull bar. Would choose one again. It just looks so right and the quality is outstanding.

(This Troopy was sold in December 2023. It still lives in Western Australia)


  1. Alu-Innovations roof tent camper conversion
  2. Interior by COS, all-ply with chill-out place
  3. Interior roof console with power/USB
  4. 3M Wrap, battleship grey. Paint colour midnight blue.
  5. Rear axle width correction by Kinetic Engineering (Tru-Tracker)
  6. 100L water tank
  7. Window tint
  8. Shore power charging
  9. Duetto Mk2 10L electric water heater
  10. 2 x 200Amp/hr Amptron LifePO4 batteries
  11. Victron Multiplus 3000W inverter wired for AC induction cooking
  12. Victron 30A DC-DC charger (x2) with engine activation relay
  13. Victron 50A solar charger
  14. Victron Cerbo-GX monitor
  15. Egon DC-Hub
  16. Egon relay-Hub
  17. Egon Water-Hub.
  18. Hot shower system
  19. Drinking water filter with UV
  20. Travel buddy 12V oven
  21. Lazer Sentinel driving lights
  22. Lazer rear working light
  23. Lazer 18” Elite-Plus light bar
  24. Hella day safety lights
  25. CellFi-Go cell signal amplifier
  26. GME XRS-390C UHF transceiver
  27. GME 6db antennae
  28. PVS Landcruiser-200 steering wheel with remote
  29. PVS 9-inch head unit
  30. PVS head lights
  31. PVS dashboard switch panel
  32. Water purification Guzzle H20 STEALTH
  33. Scan Gauge
  34. 6-speaker FOCAL speaker system
  35. Focal amp
  36. Reversing camera
  37. Pioneer Sub-Woofer
  38. Toyota retro grille (gen Toyota)
  39. Toyota windscreen sun shade (gen Toyota)
  40. Toyota head light protectors
  41. Toyota driving door wind deflector
  42. Side steps built from gen Toyota VDJ79 steps Line-X coated
  43. Rear step Line-X coated
  44. QuickPitch weathershade 270° awning
  45. Quickpitch set of awning drops for enclosed space
  46. QuickPitch en-suite shower drop
  47. QuickPitch side table and MaxtTrax holder
  48. Wheel arch stone guards (ARB)
  49. Off-Road Animal bull bar
  50. Off-Road Animal recovery point front
  51. Off-Road Animal steering protector
  52. Runva 12000lb winch with plasma rope
  53. Hella upgraded horns
  54. Exterior kitchen box with light & AC
  55. Torqit module-map
  56. Torqit Upgraded air box
  57. Torqit Throttle controller
  58. Torqit air intake snorkel
  59. Terrain-Tamer 500-700kg parabolic springs
  60. Terrain-Tamer front progressive springs
  61. Terrain-Tamer fuel filter system upgrade
  62. Terrain-Tamer catch-can.
  63. Terrain-Tamer fortified clutch
  64. Terrain-Tamer twin-diaphragm brake booster
  65. Terrain-Tamer replacement brake rotors (4)
  66. OME BP-51 shocks
  67. Mud flaps upgrade
  68. ROH VAPOR alloy wheels painted grey 16”
  69. Falken MT 265/75 R16 (5)
  70. Rear recovery point (Toyota)
  71. Explore-glazing gull wings, 2 glass, 2 alloy.
  72. Explore glazing molle side table
  73. Rear doors fitted with molle panels L&R
  74. Full set interior and tent lights red/amber/white
  75. Grey water intake system
  76. Recaro Expert-M seats X2
  77. Takla CanTek custom seat covers
  78. Takla-Mat floor covers
  79. Full sound insulation
  80. ARB twin compressor
  81. ARB 4L air tank
  82. SnoMaster 65L dual-door fridge/freezer
  83. SnoMaster 12L fridge between seats
  84. One-Stone arm rests
  85. Centre console (self-made PVC)
  86. Door pockets with cup holders
  87. Powered over-head console
  88. Hella map reading lights front and back
  89. 40-series retro Landcruiser badging
  90. Sand flag
  91. Brand new starter battery
  92. Induction cooking stove top (mounted in back door).