Aussie Dream Tourer 2020

In the Beginning . . .

A brand new VDJ79 dual-cab in sandy taup was delivered in late November 2019 to Geelong, Vic where the chassis was extended and the other items to improve handling, completed.

The remaining build is done in Western Australia and is in two parts: Chassis and body November 2019 – February 2020, then camper, May – June 2020.

Viewer Numbers

Between November 2019 and December 2021, the video series attracted 2.36 million views. From then to June 2021, the total grew to 3.42 million views.

Aussie Dream Tourer


The Aussie Dream Tourer concept

The key goals are:

  • Chassis extension to move the rear axle back by 300 mm to correct load handling issues.
  • Rear axle width correction. Narrower standard wheel track causes handing issues, especially when towing or on soft ground.
  • GVM upgrade to 3950 kgs (1540kgs front, 2500kgs rear). This means a worthwhile load can now be carried legally, while maintaining handling.
  • Vehicle remains similar to original length, so slightly modified trays can fit, and fits in a standard parking space.
  • State-wide ADR approvals in place.
  • Slide on camper for two persons
  • 5-minute camper set-up/break down.

We see just two drawbacks from this design change, and that is a small increased turning radius, and a marginal reduction in break-over angle. The departure angle is reduced while handling, ride on corrugations and stability are all greatly improved.

Amazing Support

  • Some kit NEVER seen in Australia before. And some, never in the world before!! We will be the FIRST!
  • The chassis extension and GVM upgrade is being done in partnership with Multidrive and Terrain Tamer.
  • We are also very pleased to be working with one of Australia’s premier tray makers, Norweld.
  • Camper by Tommy Camper.
  • Electrical consultants are Klarmann Automotive Solutions.
  • Much of the build work will be done by Quickpitch.
  • Lights by Hella. Something very new here!
  • Lithium batteries – 2x 150 amp/h by Amptron.
  • Nav by Garmin’s new GPS receiver called ‘Overlander’.
  • DC-DC charging by Redarc.
  • Inverter by Redarc. How large/small is the question.
  • Retro grill, sun-visor & headlight protectors from Grand Toyota Wangara.
  • Fuel filter and catch-can upgrade by Terrain Tamer. DONE
  • 110L Auxiliary fuel tank ahead of rear axle by Brown Davis. 
  • Suspensions by Terrain Tamer. Part of GVM upgrade.
  • Bar work. ARB. I hit a huge roo and the bar did its job. What more can I ask?
  • Compressor. ARB.  Double compressor with 4L tank as in the Troopy. I am now totally spoilt!

Kit And Links

  • Radio by GME. I really liked the one in the Troopy, so I’m doing that again.
  • Centre and roof consoles by Dept. of the Interior. Nothing quite like them. Again, I’m spoilt.
  • Seats by Recaro. We are fitting EXPERT-M seats – proper comfort in a 70-series.
  • Front recovery point and radiator protection plate by ARB.
  • Hot water and shower system by Quick Pitch. I’m spoilt.
  • Tyres by Falken.  285/75R16 A/T.
  • Wheel rims: ROH. I still have the ones from my Troopy, so I’ll fit them here.
  • Centre console fridge is a 15L Bushman Rodie, to work with Dept. of the Interior centre.
  • Main fridge/freezer, Snomaster.
  • Seat covers by Takla Cantek. They are making them especially for the Recaro Expert-M seats.
  • Floor coverings by Takla. Unique Takmat with audio insulation.
  • Wrap by Signarama, Joondalup. I’m going for a retro colour, but this time, not green.
  • Rack by Tracklander. Not sure how we are going to mount the spares, but we think – on the rack.
  • Recovery trax by Maxtrax. We are lucky enough to be able to choose the Extreme. I don’t know them.
  • Winch: IP67-rated Runva 13XP.All I do know is that word of mouth and reviews suggest they are really good.
  • Audio: Alpine, with a set of Focal speakers.
  • Dashcam by Dashcams Owners Australia. I will be going 4K this time.
  • TPMS by Digoptions. This time with internal sensors.
  • Recarc Red-Vision battery and systems control system.
  • QuickPitch camera box and charging station with 100 a/h liPHO battery. Installation of area behind the seats (Rear seats have been removed.)


Semi-lockdown due to Covid-19 has meant that building progress slowed, but did not stop. What it did do was restrict were we could take the dream Tourer on the first trip. Which had to remain within the borders of the state of Western Australia. That happened in August 2020.

dream tourer