Friends Cross the Canning

2022 unscripted TV series breaks new ground

Take a 45-year-old Range Rover. Add the world’s longest and most remote cattle route. Mix in a bowl. Add two Germans, two English blokes and an Iraqi Uber Eats Driver. And what do you get?

Sometimes sweet, often spicy. Never bitter.

Escape into a magical world of the remote wilderness of the Canning Stock Route in Western Australia. Five friends take on over 1000 miles of red dunes, spiky grass, scruffy camels and shifty dingoes in an heroic 4-part TV adventure.

And the setting is the world’s longest cattle route crossing the most remote part of all of Australia. The Canning Stock Route, 1850 kms of punishing, overgrown, unforgiving bush track.

The protagonists are:

Andrew in his Toyota V8 Troopcarrier, helping Rob in the 1975 Range Rover, who thinks Andrew has given him the Range Rover and who makes the most of every moment Heiner has to work on his Hilux – which is far too often. Meanwhile John decides his Mitsubishi Triton is not rusty enough and finds a wreck to strip off parts. Mad impulsive boy that he is. Sean and his FJ Cruiser joining the convoy mid-trip, cooks up a storm and saves the day when he spots a leaking pipe in the Range Rover that Andrew and Rob missed, but then must hide from the others. It’s all rather childish.


EPISODE LIST for YouTube test release. Test viewing period has ended. These shows are no longer available on YouTube:

  1. The One When Andrew Gets Worried. 15:19
  2. The One When Bits Start Breaking Off the Hilux. 18:59
  3. The One When John Bolts Rusty Parts to His Car. 18:34
  4. The One When Rob Serves Andrew Breakfast. 18:18
  5. The One When Rob Gets Upset with Andrew. 14:22
  6. The One When Andrew Must Steal the Range Rover. 18:58
  7. The One When We Take a Break in the Middle. 19:03
  8. The One With the ASPW-Trap. 20:30
  9. The One When We Get Uber Eats. 20:54
  10. The One When the Peanut Butter Chunks Float to the Top. 19:35
  11. The One When Two Englishmen Don’t Drink Tea. 18:45
  12. The One When Two Old Englishmen Do Some Banging. 20:19
  13. The One When When the Rainbow Comes to say Goodbye. 24:22S
Dear Andrew
I wanted to write to you and tell you A) your ‘Friends Across…’ series is very good and B) I watched your weekend vlog on comedy as it pertained to the series and I thought that was one of the best articulated pieces on the nature of humour in the media generally and in particular the quasi-organic slapstick genre of humour you did so well in the series. Also I thought it was very honest – lifting the lid and explaining how this works, under the hood. Capturing the organic hilarity moment and shooting the bits in support.

When I was a host on Radio 2UE in Sydney, I interviewed brilliant comedian Paul Fenech (Housos, Fat Pizza, etc.) mainly because I wanted to pick his brain about comedy and how it works. (Who cares if the audience found that interesting?) He’s a deadset funny, good bloke, but couldn’t explain the mad voodoo of making things funny. (The process happens in spite of him, in many ways, or at least unconsciously. He goes into a room, comedy comes out, and he can’t explain it…) I enjoyed interviewing him, but I didn’t learn much about comedy.

Comedy, humour, being funny – it’s the hardest thing, for me. Solving differential equations was easier. All good comedians – like Jon Stewart, for example – are also razor sharp when they’re not being funny. I find it the hardest thing to do. And it goes wrong often. It’s difficult to get right, and you used it so effectively to glue the episodes together, while also imparting solid information.

Anyway – very much enjoyed that vlog on it. You absolutely nailed it, in my view. Well done.


John Cadogan


The love for this show has been extraordinary . . . 

These comments are all taken from the first 24-hours release of the final episode. 

Mark Farr 

How wonderful was that, every minute of it.


And it ends running toward a pot of gold. But that’s really what you guys have given us. What a brilliant series.

PG Tips 

Utterly amazing. What a fantastic series, this so deserves to be on the TV. I can’t wait until the next big adventure.

David Denley 

Thank you for letting us view this trip of yours and allowing us to see the wonderful friendship with the guys…very funny it was too! Cheers all of you.


Just brilliant! Cheers from


Amazing, i loved watching this series it was funny and inspiring!!! Great job Andrew keep it up!!!

Zeke Murphy 

Absolute gold, you captured the essence and this episode just brought it all together. So well done.

K Dowz 

What I crave most from entertainment is smiles. Seeing a true smile is a very rewarding thing. This trip was so much fun for me to watch. Thanks to the entire cast and crew.

Luthando Mzinyane 

Probably the best series I’ve watched in a long time, thank you so much . Looking forward to the next one


i’ve been with you all this trip.

Tommy Henn 

I put this series on par with the Top Gear / GT series. Some really good viewing

Ed Ramirez 

I’m actually sad to have come to the end. I’ve enjoyed this series so much, learnt a lot and hope to one day also do the CSR. Thank you APSW, Rob, John and Heiner.

Gary Altman 

What a great series. I really enjoyed watching the beautiful scenery and the camaraderie build over time. However, someone needed to tell Rob to wear a shirt. Some things can’t be unseen.

JDC Overland 

Good friends are a gift from God.

Phil Symons 

What a crackin series, hands down the funniest part was you guys trying to drag Rob out of the rangie. I really enjoyed the behind the scenes vid of everyone getting back together to watch the final edit. Can’t wait for the next trip series from you lot!

Henry Proudman 

Loved watching the trip Andrew Last snippet in this episode of Rob and Heiner running to the rainbow was quite the sight.


This could be your best series yet, Andrew. Bravo and Thank You.

Sven Fokkema 

A bunch of nutters crossing the desert. Can that be entertaining, hilarious, heartwarming, educational…? Oh yes, it can – one of the very best 4WD series we’ve watched. Kudos and thank you! Greetz from Europe

XSV 432 

Thanks for a wonderful 12 weeks. I just bought the whole series to keep.


I loved this series, not just for the location, but also the people. I always knew Heiner had a wicket sense of humour, and it’s great to see him relax a bit, John has a great wit (and excellent choice in vehicle), and you and Rob are hilarious together. I definitely think you should get the gang together more often.

Alan Milton 

Amazing cinematography, without doubt worthy of an Auto Oscar, if they ever exist, which they should. The most informative & entertaining content on YouTube, just wish Sri Tata would view it to understand what a mess he has made of the LandRover brand.

Daniel Prinsloo 

Well done what a brilliant series

Dirk Quince 

Just beautiful. Mates on a trip. Lots of laughs and a celebration of friendship.

stephen smith 

what a brilliantly edited series, it was captivating and funny . loved the old english accents cracked me up. well done boys. EE byy gumm lads

Random GT 

All great things must end…but there’s always next time!

Bat Man lives 

Congratulations on a massively great trip ! Best trip I have seen on YouTube for years

Raymond Svensson 

This series has been incredible. Thank you Andrew

Sierraman TRVLN US 

That was fun! thanks for the good time.

Touring with Tyrone 

Fantastic series. That bloke who was driving the Range Rover was bloody funny…… This one will be hard to top. Well done all…. Mike

Jarrod Woolley 

Magic. Well done lads. Robs roof lining footage was the perfect ending.

Yusuf Sayed 

Awesome adventure and great content, well done over the canning and loved the story where too next Greetings from south Africa

Glenn Marshall 

great mates having the time of their lives

Brent Wall 

Congrats to you Andrew for what I think is the best series you’ve made & you definitely have made a lot. Very entertaining

Dexter Morgan 

Great group of guys, very funny, more please!

Andrew Sharman 

Outstanding! What a great group of people. Thank you all for a great series.


When is Rob getting his own series?




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