Africa Big Game. Close Up and Personal

Wildlife adventure Travel Documentary series

Andrew St. Pierre White, AKA ‘The David Attenborough of 4×4’ takes a self-drive expedition through the vast Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Lake Kariba, into Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park and the largest ancient salt pans on Earth in search of, and succeeding in finding close encounters with wild animals. Beautifully photographed and edited, what make this series  unique is the authentic, unvarnished nature of the encounters.

Produced by 4xOverland, Western Australia, 2018.

Notes on the genre: Overlanding (Exploration in remote regions in one’s own 4WD) is the fastest growing automotive genre in the world right now, with growth in the US reaching 30% pa in recent years.

We have been making overlanding TV shows since 2006, and Andrew is probably the world’s best known and loved 4WD explorer, not uncommonly referred to as, ‘The David Attenborough of 4WD’. His video blogs reach half a million people every month on YouTube.

TV Release

Feature documentary series, 3 x 90-min duration delivered in 1920×1080 4K (UHD). 

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