High-Mileage Landcruiser build, Africa 2023 onward

The Journey

We bought a 4.2 1HZ Troopcarrier in South Africa with 496 000 kms. It’s a high-mileage one, and we showed you the step-by-step restoration throughout 2023

From stripping it down to building it up, this series covers details of a year's work.

The result will be ready April 2024 ready to take on Africa at its wildest.

Viewer Numbers

Beginning in January 2023 with its purchase, to Feb 2024 this series now at 23 episodes which has received 1,04 million YouTube views averaging 45K views per episode.

The mechanical restoration was completed by July 2023, and the bar work, performance enhancements and conversion for touring will be completed prior to our first expedition scheduled for April 2024. We are going to Botswana, Zambia and Malawi.


January 2023 - April 2024. This is our current ongoing series in Africa.

Africa Build Goals

Africa has some unique challenges when it comes to overlanding. It will be a Land Cruiser 78 Troopy. These are my goals:
  • A range of no less than 1200 kms built into it.
  • A camping set-up that was easy and fast. And by fast, I mean under 2 minutes for the tent up, table out, cooker warming or beer in hand.
  • Sufficient load-carrying ability to enable isolated trips of up to 22 days without supplies.
  • Security measures.
  • Quick pack-away, and easily achieved inside 15 minutes.

This story will showcase the best of the South African 4X4 accessory industry. Australia continues to get the limelight around the world and its time South Africa had a chance to show off its products and services on the world’s most trusted overland channel.

Showcase Land Cruiser build in South Africa

As usual, Andrew get to hand-pick the products and collaboration partners, and no money changes hands. 

This project replaces the 2019 Landcruiser build that was sold due to Covid. 

This Land Cruiser will then be based in Namibia for yearly expeditions showcasing this amazing and unique continent and peoples.

Build Feb-Dec 2023. Paul Marsh 4×4 will manage the build project out of Cape Town.

    • Interior fit-out Paul Marsh.
    • EGON DC-Hub, a single unit through which all 12V accessories and chargers are connected.
    • EGON Water-Hub through which all water inlets and outlets are plumbed. 
    • Falken tyres 265/75R16 AT.
    • Bull Bar made in South Africa by ONCA.
    • Terrain Tamer supplied the springs and shocks from their store in Cape Town.
    • Terrain Tamer supplied the diesel filter upgrade, catch-can and diff breathers. 
    • Gull wing openings by Explore Glasing, Belguim
    • Wheel rims? Must be 16″. Purchased locally
    • Roof rack by Ezi-Awn. South Africa’s best roof-rack IMO.
    • No roof conversion is planned for stage-1.
    • 12V Aqua Mk2 6L water heater.
    • Gull-wings from Explore Glazing.
    • Wheel arch stone guards by ONCA.
    • Bumper replacement and spares carrier by Gobi-X.
    • 270° Awning and En-Suite privacy curtain by QuickPitch
    • Under-body & chassis anti-corrosion treatment by  
    • Seat covers and carpet mats by Takla.
    • Water tanks system of three. Supplied by Paul Marsh
    • Spot-lights are Hella Roklume 380.
    • Spray Painting by Body Trend Coach Works
    • Arm rests by One-Stone.
    • Two SnoMaster fridges. 12L centre console fridge + 55L Expedition dual in the back.
    • DC-DC charger Redarc BCDC-50.
    • 2KW inverter Redarc (a surplus unit I sent from Australia)
    • Battery monitor by Victron.
    • Batteries are 2x100A/hr Amptron LifePO4. Sending these from Australia to save costs.
    • Chairs and camp table by Ezi-Awn.
    • Replacement gear knobs by PVS.
    • Water purification by GuzzleH2O STEALTH
    • Ground tent by 
    • 12V by Travel Buddy
    • Maps in my Garmin Overlander by Tracks 4 Africa

Build Diary

September 2022.

The idea was presented to South African partners, namely Paul Marsh, Joubert Snyman and Brent Hutchinson (Terrain Tamer) met with unanimous approval from everyone.

December 2022.

Search for pre-owned Land Cruiser started.

January 2023.

An ideal candidate for the build is found and inspected. And we’ve purchased it. It’s a high-mileage 1HZ Troopcarrier.

February 2023.
Troopy collected in Pretoria and driven down to Cape Town. A week’s intensive work followed.

March 2023.

Mechanical refurbishment complete.

April 2023.

Body stripped out in preparation for spray painting. Parts ordered. Replacement bonnet found.

September 2023.
Spray painting complete. Colour: Toyota Cadet Blue. Under-body anti-corrosion treatment. 

October 2023.
ONCA bull bar and stone guard wheel flares.

November 2023
Explore Glasing gull wings and Ezi Awn fitted our roof rack. 

December 2023

GobiX fitted the rear bar wheel carrier, and Onka fitted their stunning bull-bar.
The Landcruiser is registered in my name and we get a Western Cape rego plate.

Feb 2024
Exhaust upgrade. Interior installation.


December 2023 - March 2024

GobiX in Cape Town fitted their new bar. A development of a bar that Ive had on several of my African builds. It is easier to operate that any bumber carrier I have ever used, and the wheel mounts offer the least vibrations I have every experienced. 

Paul Marsh and Manjaro Industries are building the interior to one of Paul’s designs.