Andrew receives all kinds of requests and messages every day. Many are detailed questions about obscure subjects, and others are simply to send good wishes. If you’re about to ask something of Andrew, start by showing your support in some way, for example, become a Patreon supporter. Andrew would love to respond to every message, but that is impossible given the volume of email requests he receives. So show your support before asking for his. It makes ALL the difference.

Andrew does not run, and has no intention of running, tag-along tours. He will consider acting as a private guide in either Western Australia or Southern Africa. However, despite many requests, that’s also yet to happen because it’s not part of Andrew’s business.

As a rule, it’s a long shot. Andrew takes close friends on his trips and rarely considers strangers who ask.

Q: I’m an influencer. Can I invite Andrew on one of my trips or visa versa?

​It’s worth asking. One of the challenges with joint trips is that when Andrew creates an expedition, it’s primarily Andrew’s trip. He must be in charge for him to know that his work can be completed successfully. A trip is not a holiday for Andrew. He works tirelessly to get the content. If he goes on someone else’s trip, then their tasks and goals must take priority. It’s only fair that it does. Andrew will tell you that one cannot have two directors and two different films being made on one film shoot.

Very much, yes! But you must use the Patreon message board. It’s the only easy way for us to know you’re an active Patreon.

You can support Andrew through Patreon, yearly subscriptions, donations, purchasing merchandise or his fine prints. If these aren’t possible, then you can always subscribe to his content or use the tip-jar on the homepage.

Do not use Facebook to message him because he is unlikely to see it and if he does, won’t respond. Andrew may see your post or comment on Instagram. But don’t count on a reply if you send one.

Andrew will consult with you over MS Teams for a A$350,00 p/h fee, min 1 hour. Most common subjects include:

  • Vehicle builds
  • Expedition travel in Southern Africa.
  • The global 4WD industry

He also offers a paid long-term vehicle build consultancy service.

Andrew reads messages on his LinkedIn page. It’s a good way of reaching him. But if it’s a general comment or question, it may be ignored. Use LinkedIn for business contacts and not for general chat.

While he doesn’t want to appear standoffish, if he spent his time answering just half of those requests, he would be overwhelmed. So I suggest you don’t ask. Sorry. He does respond to Patreon’s questions.

Andrew gets a lot of these. Because some people would like him to stay over for all the wrong reasons, the offer may be declined. (Once bitten, twice shy). And if you want to invite Andrew over to discuss your business hoping for some publicity – that’s also a bad idea. Far more effective is to send an invitation or proposal via LinkedIn. KEEP PROPOSALS BRIEF!

Andrew gets a lot of these. Long drawn-out proposals are the norm, and they are the wrong way to get Andrew’s attention. Here’s what to do: Use LinkedIn. And keep your proposal brief. He’s a very busy person and will expect you to respect that. Get to the point quickly in an opening summary. If he wants to take things further, then he’ll do that. Oh, and another thing . .  keep things brief!

Few channels in the world reach the global 4WD enthusiast community like we do.

Andrew St.Pierre White is an accomplished photographer and videographer with more than 25 years creating some of the world very best 4wd adventure videos. With great visuals and strong storylines, with Andrew’s TV background he’s built an impressive and dedicated global audience. 

If you would like to talk about displaying your products in action in the multi-episode series, as well as our other social media platforms, then get in touch.

There is no publication or video channel in the world that reaches global 4WD enthusiasts as well or as fast as we do at 4xOverland. 4xOverland receives between 700 000 and 1 million views every month. Currently 266 000 subscribers and 57 million views (August 2021).

Note. We do not offer paid advertorials or product placements. But we would like to talk to you about using your products on our adventures.

Who we reach:

± 94% Male
± 29% USA
± 29% Australia
± 7% UK
± 6% Canada
± 5% South Africa

For five-year projections, go to: http://bit.ly/4XOprojections

Product Reviews:

We have some conditions that all product vendors should understand before sending us products to review:

  • We shoot and edit the review for YouTube, and may try to incorporate it into one of our adventure travel series videos or 4WD vehicle builds.
  • We are one of the most trusted 4WD channels in the world. So please read our rules of acceptance of reviews.


  • We only accept products that we believe have an application in the 4WD, overland touring and adventure travel market.
  • We do not and have never done paid advertorials.
  • We make it well known to our audience who our supporters are.
  • We make it well known to our audience when we are donated products.
  • We consider all underwriting and sponsorship offers for product placements, co-branding and apparel.

The following conditions are placed on all product reviews we do:

  • Products are supplied to us free of charge in full exchange for the media releases we provide in our normal activities.
  • If you do not feel that the value of the product supplied matches the expected media value, then please talk to us. We make no guarantees in this regard.
  • We make no guarantees of viewer numbers and viewer demographics.
  • We reserve the right to return the product if we decide not to go ahead with including it in our programming.
  • We feature the product how and where as we see fit.
  • The products then become the property of 4xOverland (unless an alternative, written arrangement has been made).
  • We control all aspects of the content.
  • No exclusivity is implied if we accept a product review. We are free to review competitors products at any time and in any country. We may compare your products to similar products in the same market.
  • We have freedom of expression. Our content is never vetted before release. This is not negotiable.
  • If we have a problem with your product, we will share it with you, and for what it’s worth, make any suggestions to you that might improve the product.
  • If we believe that a product is faulty, we will hold back on any review to ensure a fair and unbiased review. But please double-check any gear sent to us.
  • If we wish to keep using your product, or sell it, that’s our choice. Every year we give away equipment that has been reviewed by us. And every year, we keep lots of it too.
  • If we decide to keep it, it’s because we like it and as a result your publicity may be ongoing and we may continue to recommend your product to others.
  • Where equipment is fitted to one of our own vehicles, we are free to remove it and test alternative products after a review.
  • Long-term relationships are important to us.
  • If we really think we do not want to use use an item, and don’t think it’s suitable for us, then we will return it. But we may still talk about it.

If you are happy with these conditions, it means that you have confidence in your product. Contact us at support @ 4xoverland.com.



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