In Search of the Lost River

66-Day expedition to find the source of the Okavango River

13 part TV series. Produced 2011.

This extraordinary journey over 66 days sees the dreams of a young English boy being fulfilled, as he retraces his love of the remote African wilderness. His goal is to locate the very source of the Okavango River and then to take a sample from there to its final resting place as it vanishes far from the sea in the Kalahari. 

The expedition begins with a solo trip through the Namib Desert where Andrew suffers from what he calls, ‘Benign insanity of the solo explorer’. Andrew then meets his guides as he is taken into Angola, a country that has forgotten the meaning of the word, ‘tourist’. 

It’s a spell-binding series with a sense of authenticity rarely found in travel adventures.

TV Release

Documentary, 13×24-min duration delivered in 1920×1080 HD. 

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