1975 Range Rover. 2021 onward

The Story

I buy the Range Rover blind. Its in Melbourne and I'm in Perth. Getting across to inspect it is not possible due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. So I take the risk.

I spent six days working to get it ready for a 3500 kms drive across a continent, without support, backup or even a co-driver.

The epic scene in the show were I must spend the night on the back seat, to be woken by the Australian bird calls and the familiar smell of gear oil.

Viewer Numbers

Between April 2021 when purchasd, through to November 2022 at the conclusion of the Canning Stock Friends Cross the Canning series, we attracted 3.7 million views on Youtube.

Range Rover Classic

The 20-part web series produced in 2021 features the purchase, repair and drive of a our newly acquired 45-year-old Range Rover, unsupported across Australia.

A highly-acclaimed 13-part web series produced in 2022 where friends take the Range Rover and successfully, despite all odds, cross Australia's longest and toughest off road route.

A Classic Reborn story

I wanted to share stories of my first 4wd, a Range Rover that I purchased in 1982. That was a suffix-A, 10 years old, with 42 000 miles on it. I was living in South Africa at the time. I would do it by purchasing a similar vehicle here in Australia and drive it home, no matter where I found it. And after a nine months search, we did find one, in Melbourne. These were our goals:

  • It had to be a pre-1984 2-door in close-to-drivable condition.
  • It had to be as near original as possible with no after-market kit bolted onto it.
  • It has to be fairly rust-free. If this was going to be restorable in the long term, that was a non-negotiable. And probably the biggest challenge
  • I had to find a support team in Melbourne who could take delivery, arrange temporary storage, work with me on the car to get it ready for the trip.
  • The plan was to throw some tools in the back, and set off on my own, and during the drive, share stories of my first love – my suffix-A Range Rover.
  • It would fill a gap created by the COVID-19 pandemic that had restricted what is a global 4wd channel to creating regular content here in Australia.
  • We fulfilled every goal we had set!

Amazing Support

  • The Off Road History Museum UAE came with financial assistance to purchase the Range Rover.
  • Generous assistance from Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan al Nahyan and David Chambers, two world-class 4WD enthusiasts!
  • My brother Simon and his wife Nicky helped with the initial collection, filming and temporary storage until I could brace COVID-19 and get to collect it.
  • Peter and Stuart from Rangie Heaven in Cranbourne offered their workshop for four days to do the work. We had fun, and got the work done a day early.
  • Falken tyres. We are running 255/70R16 AT.
  • Britpart sponsored a large number of spare parts.
  • Rovacraft assisted with shipping and delivery of the parts.
  • My nephew James White helped with additional work on the Range Rover that I carried out before departure.
  • Paul Marsh gave on-going support and encouragement. He never doubted that it could be done.
  • What more can have asked for? 🙂
off road history museum


The Drive

The drive over five days through three states was 3544 kms in total. The complete video series numbers 20 episodes.

And now, The Ultimate Test of Endurance . . .

In June 2022 the Range Rover successfully crossed the 1850 kms Canning Stock Route in Western Australia. Were their problems? You’ll have to watch the series to find out. Click here to download the full series.