I offer my services to consult on 4WD builds no matter where in the world you live. They are done face-to-face on Zoom or MS Teams. I am also a specialist in touring Southern Africa and can advise on self-drive safaris in sub-equatorial Africa.

There are two options: One hour direct consult to get you going. Or a 10-month consult to hold your hand and guide you through the entire process.


If this interests you, I suggest starting by using the contact form below:



Long-term build consults receive a FREE 1-year subscription to THE OVERLAND WORKSHOP.

Please note that I’m a specialist in building tourers, and not dedicated off-road machines.

(Please don’t send 4wd questions or comment on Andrew’s videos using this form. Andrew won’t get to see them.)

Q1: Who would benefit most for a consult?

If you just starting out, and want to build an overland tourer yourself. I’ll steer you clear of the many minefields that await the unwary.

Or if you are planning a build on an unfamiliar vehicle or have built before and found you wasted time and money due to poor decisions.

Q2. How does it work?

I offer one-on-one advice and personal guidance as you build your 4WD tourer. I have 40 years experience doing this and my catch phrase is ‘practicality and value for money’.

Q3. What’s it going to cost me?

Probably nothing. In fact, I can almost guarantee that if you take my advice, you will save a lot of cash. No waste. No poor products that will soon need replacing. Far less chance of being bush-whacked by a salesman in a 4wd accessory store.

Q4. What options do you offer?

A 1-hour consult or long term, full-build consult. One hour will cost A$350 and is normally sufficient for a brief overview for a build or trip. A long-term consult is the way to go on a long term, complex build. The fee is US$5000 for overseas customers, A$5000 for Australia and South Africa builds and is best suited for those who would like on-going guidance as they build their tourer. And again, if you take my advice, you could easily save more than this fee as I direct you to purchase products, organise discounts, and keep you on track with your goals.

Q5. When is Andrew available?

We can arrange a mutually suitable time. Andrew avoids working weekends, but evenings are fine. If he’s travelling, we’ll just arrange a time around that.

Q6. How do I ask more questions before I decide?

Fill in the contact form with a brief description of your goals and include where you think you’ll need the most help. Then we will know if the service we provide will be of value to you, and respond accordingly. 

Q7. What’s the next best alternative to a direct consult?

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