Complete Guide to Four-Wheel Drive | Download


Complete Guide to Four-Wheel Drive | Download

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By Andrew St Pierre White. 8th Edition.

Over 25 years in print and over 50 000 sold worldwide.

Acknowledged world expert on 4×4 vehicles, Andrew St Pierre White has spent forty years gathering the information packed into this full-color, everything-you-need-to-know guide about choosing, modifying, and equipping a 4×4 for adventurous overland expeditions.

Crammed with photos, diagrams, and lists, the chapters include:

  • The technical fundamentals of four-wheel drive vehicles

  • 4×4 Accessories

  • Wheels and Tires

  • Driving a 4×4

  • 4×4 Recovery

  • Trailers and Towing

  • Overland Expeditions

  • Maintenance and bush repairs

  • Navigation and Communication

Off-roading novice or expert, if you have ever dreamed of escaping in a 4×4, then you will love this well-written, easy-to-understand technical how-to guide.​


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