Flashlights, torches, camp lights

All the kit I use around my camp to provide light, in and out of the vehicle.

Interior comforts and enhancements

There are all products that I use when building and touring with my 4wd. Some links are support the channel, in that a small percentage of the purchase price goes towards supporting 4xOverland.

Nitecore LR10 lamp

A handy light rechargeable lantern. I have four of them. Magnetic. USB chargeable. Brilliant! Click to buy

Long-Range budget Torch/Flashlight

Nitecore MH40GTR Ultra Long Throw Rechargeable. Well priced and excellent performance, its on standy at the back of the Troopy. Click to buy.

NITECORE MH12S 1800 Lumen USB-C Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

An excellent general use item. Ive got quite a few Nitecore flashlights and this is my latest favourite. Click to buy.


The model that I once called, "the Sun" is no longer available, but this is its follow-up flashlight from Nitecore. I don't own one. Yet. Click to buy.

Coleman Kerosene lantern

I loved the ritual of firing this baby up. Noisy, smelly but also fantastic emergency lighting. An all time favourite. Click to buy.

Armytek Wizard C2 head lamp

Probably the best head torch I think I've ever used. Simple, super versatile, easy to control while on your head, USB rechargeable. Click here to buy.


Nitecore TM9K TAC Tactical

Potent rechargeable flashlight Click to buy.

NITECORE UMS4 Intelligent USB Four Slot Quick Battery Charger

I use this battery charger as it can charge from both 12V and AC power. Click to buy from Amazon.

Nitecore LA30 lantern

I use this battery charger as it can charge from both 12V and AC power. Click to buy from Amazon.


ACR PLB 425 View ResQLink Buoyant Rescue Beacon

Shop away

I hope these links will make it easier for you to take advantage of the knowledge I have gained using these products when building and touring with my 4wds. All the products see on these pages I have personally used and am happy to share the details with you. By purchasing directly from the links provided, in some cases, I may receive a royalty from the manufacturer or supplier. This does not affect the price you pay, as they share a small portion of their profits with 4xOverland.