Tyres, Compressors, airing up and down


ARB ARB601 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge with Braided Hose and Chuck, Inflator and Deflator 25-75 PSI Readings. Click to buy

ARB tire repair kit

One the best Ive ever used and now carry with me everywhere. Good quality tools. Click to buy./

Compact tire gauge

Handy hand gauge. Click to buy.

ARB 171601 Aluminium Compressed Air Tank

I use this tank in my air system. Click to buy.

Falken WILDPEAK M/T01 Radial Tire

I use these tires Your size may vary. Click to select your size and type.

ARB E-Z Deflator

ARB AE-Z Deflator Kit 10-60 PSI Tire Pressure Gauge Rapid Air Down Off-road Kit (PSI), blue. Click here to buy.

ARB Twin Compressor

Built into my 4wds. Twin compressor is an awesome pice of kit. Supplied with all wiring harness. Click to buy.

ARB ARB600 EZ Deflator w/Gauge And Recovery Bag

Best deflator I've used. Click to buy.

ARB 171301 6m high temperature inflation hose

I use this air line in my system. Click to buy.

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I hope these links will make it easier for you to take advantage of the knowledge I have gained using these products when building and touring with my 4wds. All the products see on these pages I have personally used and am happy to share the details with you. By purchasing directly from the links provided, in some cases, I may receive a royalty from the manufacturer or supplier. This does not affect the price you pay, as they share a small portion of their profits with 4xOverland.